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About me...

Hello Hello!

My name is Susana Pereira and I am Portuguese. In 2009 I completed my degree as a teacher of Basic Education 1st Cycle at the University of Minho, in Braga.

After finishing the course I emigrated to Switzerland. As Switzerland is a country that receives many Portuguese, I had the opportunity to teach German to Portuguese. Later I started working as a Teacher of Portuguese as a Foreign Language. It was an experience that fascinated me, for being unexpected and successful.

Portuguese with Susana  was thought in 2020, upon my definitive return to Portugal. Franziska Schneider, my student, challenged me to think about this project and I ended up agreeing that it could be successful. 

My main objective is to continue my personalized work with students who want to learn my mother tongue, having the Internet as the main working tool.

The Portuguese who want to learn German, also find in me a good way to establish a connection between the two languages and thus better understand the functioning of the German language.

If you want to learn Portuguese or German, don't hesitate to take a free trial class with me!

I'm waiting for you!

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