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PORTUGUÊS.PT magazine is a magazine designed for those who learn Portuguese as a Foreign Language .

Since June 10, 2020, this digital magazine is launched bimonthly, always on the 10th.


Items for all levels, with a color code to identify them (elementary, intermediate and advanced level).


Articles about Portuguese traditions, music, history and gastronomy.


You can read the magazine on any smartphone, tablet or computer. If you prefer, you can also print it, as it will be delivered in PDF format.


For each article, there is a task at the end. Solutions are published on the same page, in smaller print backwards.


Each magazine has a space dedicated to vocabulary for beginners and another with explanations of a grammatical topic.

What's in this issue?


in this tenth  edition of the bimonthly magazine Português.pt can know a little about the city of Porto . This is the birthplace of Álvaro Siza Vieira , the most awarded Portuguese architect. A trip to Porto forces him to taste the famous Francesinha which, according to historical facts, seems to have a relationship with the French Invasions when the troops passed through Porto. This type of meal is not allowed in schools, especially after the decree that requires Healthy Eating in Public Schools.

All this and much more in our PORTUGUÊS.PT magazine.


What do they say about the magazine?

don't miss your magazine Português.pt!

About  the teacher...

Meet the professional and you'll know what you can count on!


Hello Hello!

My name is Susana Pereira, I am Portuguese and I am a teacher.

I graduated in Basic Education 1st Cycle in Portugal and later completed a postgraduate degree in Switzerland, which enables me to train adults, with special attention to language teaching.

With over 9 years of experience teaching my mother tongue as a foreign language, in language schools, private lessons and now online, I have a very clear idea of the most frequent difficulties of students and their needs.

This entire project was made by me, based on this professional experience and what some students were telling me about their interests.  

Feel free to share your ideas, interests, themes, basically what you would like to see in an upcoming issue of the magazine.