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Thanks to the Discoveries of Portuguese navigators, Portuguese is officially spoken on all continents.

Of course, there are different dialects in each country that is spoken.

As Portuguese I offer you European Portuguese, and you can sometimes make references to Portuguese from Brazil or Angola.

The Portuguese language is known to be difficult.

In fact, there are many Portuguese who do not speak it correctly either. From region to region, you can see differences in pronunciation and in the vocabulary used. Still, if you learn standard Portuguese, you will be understood throughout the country by everyone.

In the experimental class it is important to have your objectives well defined. So think about the following topics:

- Why do you want to learn Portuguese?

- What do you hope to achieve at the end of the course?

- What level of proficiency do you think you are at?

- What kind of class / method are you looking for?

- Why did you choose the private lesson?

- ...

Starting from this information and others that will be spoken during the first free class , it will be defined how your class will be programmed in order to meet your goals.

From here, your goals become mine!















Franziska Schneider, Switzerland

Classes with Susana are always fun and interesting. I made a lot of progress in Portuguese thanks to your detailed explanations.


Evelyne Patti, Switzerland

I learned the Portuguese language many years ago, but then I didn't have the opportunity to speak it anymore. Through classes with Susana I was able to speak fluently again in a short time. His classes are always very stimulating and interesting, whatever the subject is focused on; no class is similar to another. Susana makes me know facets as diverse of Portuguese culture as local traditions or current singers, we talk about innumerable aspects of society or today, she prepares enriching and funny activities to extend the vocabulary, others well structured to review some grammatical topic. And all of this in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

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