I want to learn



I lived for 11 years in Switzerland. In order to integrate me in the best possible way, it was essential to learn the German language. I reached the advanced level of German relatively quickly and took the opportunity to help other Portuguese to learn the German language.

After all, don't you think it is good to have someone who explains to us how a new language works in our mother tongue, making a connection between both languages? Quite possibly you have already taken classes at a school and felt that you did not understand anything that the teacher was explaining. It was not?

Of course yes.

I know that well.

I also went through the same.

The German language is known to be difficult. In fact, there are many natives who also do not speak it correctly. From region to region you can see differences in pronunciation and in the vocabulary used. German spoken in Switzerland, for example, is quite different from that spoken in Germany. Still, if you learn standard German, you will be understood in all countries that have German as their official language.

In the experimental class it is important to have your objectives well defined.

So think about the following topics first:

- Why do you want to learn German?

- What do you hope to achieve at the end of the course?

- What level of proficiency are you at?

- What kind of class / method are you looking for?

- Why did you choose the private lesson?

- ...

Starting from this information and others that will be spoken during the first free class , it will be defined how your class will be programmed in order to meet your goals.

From here your goals become mine !!


Palmira Barbosa, Switzerland

The German I learned was only and exclusively with Susana!
I didn't go to any school and I'm sure it was the right one. My German level was zero and the classes at the beginning were aimed at me being able to communicate at my workplace, as well as learning the vocabulary I needed to be able to work. Today I can have a dialogue in German and write!

Now writing in German, in addition to being a different vocabulary, is also formulated differently. I was able to ask all my questions in my language, which is like learning more. If I had to do it in German it would be much more difficult.
The positivism and encouragement that Susana gave me, as well as classes with different exercises, also helped a lot in my learning process.
I am satisfied and so I highly recommend it!