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18flashcardswith all VERB TENSESof the Portuguese language with all these indications:

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indication of the mood and tense of the card

all usage rules with phrases as an example

whenever possible, there is an indication of some words that indicate the use of that verb tense

special conjugations or other aspects to pay attention to

all irregular verbs of the tense in question

how verbs are formed and conjugated, with their respective endings

Who are Flashcards for?



The cards are ideal for those who study the Portuguese language.



Teachers can always have these cards on hand as a summary of the content they are going to teach.



We know that natives do not always speak or write perfectly. That's why these cards also serve the entire Portuguese-speaking community.



Foreigners have an ideal summary to be able to appeal whenever necessary.


I know how you feelwhen studying/using verb feel lostamongso many rules, endings, books, grammars and noteswhat you did during class.


I also went through this when I learned German! until i metthe power of Flashcards!I made summaries and notes on a single Flashcard (maximum 2) and, whenever I needed it, I took it to help me with that grammatical theme. 


Do you know thatALLthe necessary information was there and I didn't have to dive every time into books, grammars, notes, ...  I used my Flashcards so many times thatI ended up memorizingyour content!SUCCESS guaranteed! 

My name isSusana Pereira,amPortuguese as a foreign language teacherand my students have the same problems I had 10 years ago. That's why I prepared 18 Flashcards withALL VERBAL TENSES of the Portuguese language.

I want you to be a SUCCESS!

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